Friday, October 7, 2016

A local celebration of the 50th International Literacy Day

QLNB Writing the future 50th International Literacy Day
QLNB 50th International Literacy Day

UNESCO’s theme for the 50th anniversary of International Literacy Day was “Reading the Past, Writing the Future.” QLNB asked the CVCTA to help us mark the day.

Writing the future 50th International Literacy Day
Writing the future - 50th ILD

Together, we organized a barbecue for CVCTA members and a few invited guests. Invitations were sent out by email or hand-delivered. On the day, we offered water or juice, hot dogs and vegetable shish kabobs, and a decorated slab cake. We set up two display boards; one holding remembrances of past events, and the other personal aspirations for future learning. We also had blank journals and books for children, youth and adults to give away. (Forty of these children’s books were supplied by Talk With Me - Parle-Moi;.) The event began at 4:30 and wrapped up at 6:00.Volunteers from the CVCTA, TWM-PM, and QLNB helped out. Local MLA Trevor Holder was on hand to cut the cake.

QLNB Cutting the cake 50th International Literacy Day
MLA Trevor Holder

About 50 people were in attendance, with 48 books or journals being claimed (Fifteen by adults, 33 by or for children). Remaining food items were left with the CVCTA for use in their community. Remaining books and journals were left with QLNB to be used in at a future event.