Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bookworms Corner, St. Stephen

St. Stephen, NB

On our recent visit to see Charlotte County's storytents, we wanted to learn about their successes, challenges and adaptions.  One challenge we were not expecting was a difficulty in purchasing new or replacement books mid-summer.  We learned that the town of St. Stephen, home to the FRC, has only one bookstore - the very new, independent bookseller Bookworms Corner.

A bookstore selfie

Bookworms is located at 174 Milltown Blvd.  It offers both new and gently-used second hand books.  (We picked up a board book version of Barbara Reid's Sing a Song of Mother Goose.)  You can also purchase a gift certificate.  True to its name, the store is located in one corner of Andy's Pool, Spa & Stove Shop.

Books and a spa!  What more does the new homeowner need?

Seriously, though, effective family and community literacy work typically builds on many kinds of private and public resources: schools, libraries, health centres, job-finding clubs, leisure groups, community gardens, housing associations and, yes, bookstores.

We've heard that its a big job to keep a small, independent bookstore alive.  We don't know if that's true, but we wanted to give a special shout out to Bookworms.  Thanks for being there when we wanted to purchase a quality children's book.  We hope you do well over the coming months and years.  If we get down your way again, we will certainly stop in!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Storytents in Charlotte County

Storytent in Blacks Harbour

This summer, QLNB was welcomed down to Charlotte County to see how our neighbours to the southeast manage their storytents.

Charlotte County, NB

We spent a wonderful morning in St. George visiting the Charlotte County Family Resource Centre's storytent at Thompson Field.  Then, we visited tents offered in the Blacks Harbour Municiple Park and outside the Milltown Elementary School.

Cheryl checks out books at Thompson Field

We snooped through their books and learned a lot about fancy sittin' chairs as well as location planning and promotion.  We commiserated about the state of modern canopies and hard to get books.

Wendell checks out chairs at the Milltown tent

We noted our hosts' great working relationship with the Boys & Girls Club and some nearby daycare providers, and the way they were able to offer storytent as a way to enrich existing programs and resources.  Super work, gang!  Thanks for having us down.

You can find out more about all the Charlotte County Family Resource Centre's programs by visiting their Facebook page or the FRC website.  Their physical location is at 126 Milltown Blvd in St. Stephen.