Monday, April 9, 2012

Literacy Specialist Paul Kropp to visit Saint John

Paul Kropp is an award-winning Canadian author, speaker, and leader in literacy.  He has written more than sixty novels for children, teens, and reluctant readers, as well as non-fiction works for parents, teachers and librarians on issues related to literacy. In 1995, Kropp published The Reading Solution:  How to make your child a reader for life.

QLNB used the ideas in this book when they created the innovative Quality Storytents Program, a program adopted across the province and lauded as far away as New Zealand. This year marks our 10th summer of family reading, book borrowing and the Summer Reading Club in NB’s largest public housing neighbourhood.

This October, Paul Kropp is coming to Saint John to help us celebrate 10 years of Storytent. He will be speaking to parents, teachers and librarians at the Saint John Free Public Library, Market Square.

Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 7:00 pm
Saint John Free Public Library in Market Square

For more information on this event, watch our website or the library webpage at You can also contact Heather McKend at 643-7229 or Cheryl Brown at 333-2601.

Please note that Mr. Kropp is willing to consider program requests from other organizations during his stay in NB. To learn more about Mr. Kropp’s Saint John visit, and the workshops he has available on teaching, parenting, and literacy, contact him directly through his website at