Friday, August 20, 2010

Foundations in Family Literacy

Foundations in Family Literacy Training began in 2001 when the Centre for Family Literacy developed a one-week training program specifically targeting family literacy practitioners in Alberta. This training was redeveloped into ten modules, delivered in a week-long workshop format, with Pan-Canadian content. The content was evaluated and, that fall, two family literacy practitioners from New Brunswick joined 63 others from across Canada to be trained as FFL trainers. They, along with their NS and PEI counterparts, delivered two Maritime FFL training sessions to 40 people in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Since then, Quality Learning NB has served as the NB Anglophone contact for this training. Cheryl Brown, QLNB coordinator and one of those two original New Brunswick trainers, has served on the National Steering Committee for further projects such as developing and evaluating a Family Literacy and Health module. She was also involved as the NSC saw the training incorporated into a community college delivered as an on-line program.

QLNB has been enthusiastic about this training and the thoroughness of the 6 modules:
  • Module l: Fundamentals of Family Literacy
  • Module ll: Literacy with Adults and Families
  • Module lll: Child Development and Emergent Literacy
  • Module lV: Family Literacy in the Community
  • Module V: Family Literacy Across Contexts
  • Module Vl: Leadership in Family Literacy

For more information about this training and its availability, please contact us.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saint John Free Public Library Supports Storytents

A long time supporter of QLNB and family literacy work throughout the city, the Saint John Free Public Library provided major funding for the 2010 Quality Storytents. The Library generously donated $10,000 to the program, as well as offering support to help us outreach the provincial Summer Reading Club program. This is the eighth year the library has been a major partner and sponsor of the Storytent program.

Pictured L-R are: Cheryl Brown, Coordinator, Quality Learning NB; Suzanne Ball, Chair, Saint John Free Public Library Board of Commissioners; and Joann Hamilton-Barry, Library Director.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

City of Saint John Supports Storytents

Kevin Watson, Leisure Services, Kate Wright, QLNB, and Mayor Ivan Court

The City of Saint John is a major sponsor of Quality Storytents for 2010, and so we were delighted to have Mayor Ivan Court join MLA Trevor Holder, and Saint John City Council Members Carl Killen and Joe Mott, to kick off the program on the site it first appeared.

Mayor Court proclaimed July 5th to be “New Brunswick Storytent Launch Day” for 2010, celebrating the appearance of storytents all around the province.

Cheryl Brown, QLNB, and Mayor Ivan Court

In this, our eighth year, the program continues to draw families with younger children (ages 3 to 7). By mid-summer, we had served 157 individual children and 16 adults in the storytent program, averaging about 11 children per session. Measured on a per visit basis, the total units of service are 566 (534 children and 32 adults): this includes the Bookwagon totals of 4 adults and 138 children.

We deliver storytents twice a week at the corner of Taylor and Patterson and at Coronation Court, and once weekly at 57 Maclaren. We also deliver one tent a week in the Anglin Drive neighbourhood (on Pigeon) and in the Old North End (corner of Albert and Metcalf).

We have delivered 35 of a possible 35 tents, as well as a 4 hour tent at Crescent Valley Community Fun Days on July 24, 2010 and a one-hour launch tent on July 5, 2010. Since June 24, Storytent participants have borrowed 418 books from the Storytent and 289 from the Bookwagon