Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cheryl Brown receives Daniel L. Hamoline Award

Photo credit: KâtÈ Braydon/Telegraph-Journal

QLNB founding member Cheryl Brown was recently recognized for her work helping families in crisis. She was awarded the Daniel L. Hamoline Award for her contributions to greater understanding of mediation and domestic violence.

The presentation was covered by Sanda Davis for the Telegraph-Journal (online here). Ms. Davis talks a little about our Quality Storytents & Bookwagon programs, as well as the knitting therapy group, and the fact that "literacy and access to services have long been interconnected" in Cheryl's work:

"The potential for outreaching hard-to-reach rural communities, neighbourhoods that may not have access to mainstream information, is just outstanding to me."

Through her work, Brown has met dozens of families in Crescent Valley.

"I know from my experience with low-level adults, that it's not just about low literacy, it's about a general variety of skills that you may not feel comfortable with," Brown said.

"As a counsellor, I know I can help someone feel comfortable by offering to do the paperwork with them upfront, instead of just giving them the paperwork."

It's all about going to where the help is needed, she said.

"We really are in the neighbourhood. You look out your window and they we are, on the grass. Or we're doing the book wagon and we're knocking on your door because you like to get books. Or we're in the community centre doing knitting.

"Right now, I'm talking with a family about whether they need mediation or someone to help them with a parenting plan for their children.

"It's just because I was sitting in somebody's living room in the neighbourhood."