Thursday, April 30, 2009

CVCTA Supports Quality Storytents

The Crescent Valley Community Tenants Association (CVCTA) presented four $200.00 cheques to community partners at the CVCTA meeting of March 24th; including one cheque for the Quality Storytents program.

Left to right in the photo above are Jennifer Carhart, Principal Hazen White St. Francis School (Friendship T-Shirts Project); Cheryl Brown (Storytent); Janet McLaughlin President CVCTA; Nancy Savoie (Flemming Court Project); Juanita Black, (Around The Block Newspaper).

The Crescent Valley Community Tenant's Association is a voluntary association of community residents and interested friends. The CVCTA has been a longtime supporter of the Storytent program and other QLNB work in the neighbourhood, and we consider them a major partner.