Thursday, July 10, 2008

Saint John Rotary Support

Our Quality Storytents program recently received gifts of books, funds and friendship from the Rotary Club of Saint John. It started with an invitation to speak to the Club back in February:

Rotary's guest speaker on Feb. 04, 2008 was Cheryl Brown, Community Literacy Coordinator – Quality Learning New Brunswick. Cheryl gave a very informative presentation on the community-based literacy program – “The Reading Tent”. Children of all ages take advantage of mobile libraries – “moved about the community on a wagon” – during the summer months. Moms and Dads also join in as volunteers and readers alike. The Rotary Club of Saint John is partnering with Cheryl’s organization for its Literacy Project.*

We'd like to thank the Rotarians for their interest in community literacy, and promise to keep them updated about our work.