Friday, June 15, 2018

Talk Read Sing Create through play Everyday

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Quality Learning NB joined hands with the Saint John Free Public Library to bring books and reading to the FACE-AS (Family and Child Education - Anglophone South) Family Games Night.

FACE educators started a fun and creative outreach, hosting a monthly games night at the Somerset Community Centre.  QLNB brought our storytent books to set out on a warm and wonderful blanket provided by Vanessa and Stephanie.  A library outreach worker joined us to read to and with children and families; as well as making space for children and families to read among themselves. We also had books for children, youth and adults to take home at the end of the night (part of our Book Ownership Program).

Your public library and 'Every Child Ready to Read'

Brown’s Flat Irving Little Free Library

Through Little Free Libraries, millions of books are exchanged each year, profoundly increasing access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds.
- Little Free Libraries

Access to a choice of good books is an important part of gaining and keeping our reading skills. QLNB has been very pleased to partner with Alvin Legere, the proprietor of the Brown’s Flat Irving, to create an in-store Little Free Library. The library offers a selection of about 200 books for adults, youth and children, making book borrowing easier for adults and families in the community. As with all of QLNB's library projects, there are no fees or fines: patrons are encouraged to take a book, and bring it back when they’re done. We are in to visit the library most Sunday mornings; swapping out books and ensuring a continued supply of early learning kits. We also do our best to honour requests (check out the by-request westerns!).

This project is funded through the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development as part of the New Brunswick Comprehensive Literacy Strategy, and their promotion of the message Talk, Sing, Read, Create, Play Everyday! The Saint John Free Public Library is our major partner.

The Grand Opening of the Brown’s Flat Little Free Library took place on Tuesday, May 15 with a small ribbon cutting ceremony.  In the first two weeks, 54 books - more than a quarter of all titles - were borrowed, and the pace has hardly slackened since.

 In attendance at the opening were special guests MLA Bill Oliver; Greenwich Recreation Association Secretary, Deb Ryan; Community Services Librarian Kathryn Howe, Heather McKend, Head of Children’s Services / Quality Learning NB President,  and members of the community.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Book Ownership Program

Quality Learning NB greeted spring this year by giving out books to participants of preschool children at both the monthly Games Night offered by FACE (Family and Child Education) and the Babies in the Library (Saint John Free Public Library) outreach at Glen Falls school.

We believe book ownership is an important part of helping young children and families put reading and writing in their quality worlds; joining what Frank Smith calls "the literacy club."*  We were fortunate to be able to purchase some very effective books with money provided through a fund jointly established by BEST (Building an Early Start Together), the New Brunswick Children's Foundation and the Greater Saint John Community Foundation.  Popular give-aways included well loved classics such as Goodnight Gorilla, Dear Zoo, Where's Spot and Goodnight Moon.

*  Frank smith, Joining the Literacy Club: Further Essays Into Education